700TVL 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD Camera review

This is a 700 TVL Weatherproof IR Camera with Sony Effio Platform and 2.8~12mm Lens.



This camera is with robust weatherproof casing, this indoor/outdoor camera is ideal for your surveillance applications and it works well in the areas such as rain, dust, or wet environment. This infrared color camera works on day and night and it will do automatically switch to black and white picture at night. It provide you with the clear high resolution image. Equipped with 42 infra-red LEDs, this camera will make any objects visible up to 114FT. The camera easily connects to your TV, VCR or security monitor for the protection of your home, office or other valuables.
Features :
Weatherproof Indoor and Outdoor Day and Night Vision
Clear resolution 700TV Lines video display Powerful 1/3″ Sony Super Had CCD color image sensor chip set Effio Platform
42 infra-red LEDs see in the dark up to 114ft Easy to install. Quad Process Operates in freezing temperatures down to 4°F(-20°C)
Technichal Details :
Image Sensor :1/3″ Sony High Resolution CCD Effio Platform
Signal System :NTSC
Effective Pixels :NTSC: 811(H)x 508(V)
Resolution :700 TV lines
MIN. Illumination :0.0 Lux (IR on)
S/N Ratio :More than 48 dB
Auto Electronic Shutter :1/60 to 1/100,000 sec
Lens Types :2.8~12mm Vari-focal Lens
Infrared LED :42 Pcs
Infrared Distance :114FT
Video Output :1.0Vp-p 75?
Power Supply :DC 12V, 500mA Min. (1A Recommended)
Note : This cameras has Sony Super Had Color CCD and Powerfull Sony Effio Platform As chipset and sensor. But It’s not made by SONY.

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Infrared CCTV Security Surveillance Camera 700TVL High Resolution 1/3″ Sony Super HAD Color CCD DSP Waterproof Indoor/outdoor Infrared Illumination 114FT Nightvision , 2.8-12mm ZOOM Lens 5mm 42 IR Leds Camera Color with Free Cable Managed Mounting Bracket

There are many reviews for this camera:

Had the camera for a year now, it works great, looking at buying another one. I replaced a woot Zmodo system, my only surprise was how much bigger this camera is. Connected to the Zmodo system, no problem, including the Zmodo power cable, I have a spare now… not sure what for, but AC power always sounds like something to have extra of in the summer time.


i wanted to improve over the cameras i have. thought 700tvl would do it. wound up with saw tooth edges on everything. had to return both cameras. waiting for my refund. any camera suggestions would be appreciated. i have a clover system w/520tvl.

AXIS M1054 Network Camera review

The Axis Communications AXIS M1054 IP Camera delivers advanced network functionality while retaining a stylish and discreet appearance. Utilizing a 1/4″ CMOS with over 1 million pixels, this camera generates quality video images with a high degree of sharpness and color fidelity. Progressive scan technology ensures smooth image capture of fast moving objects. Video can be streamed simultaneously in the H.264 and MJPEG compression formats, allowing efficient data management according to available storage and network resources.


We’ve been using Axis cams for five years and this is the best one yet. The resolution choices are great and detail in the pictures is outstanding. There are enough customization settings to get a good picture in any light conditions. I really like the power over Ethernet, it makes installation simpler.
One issue that surprised me is that our old camera recording software can’t deal with the higher resolution pics gracefully. The software’s options for motion control are not sensitive enough to give us a good balance between too many pictures saved and not enough. So I’m looking for a new camera recording program.

You can buy this IP camera from Amazon:

AXIS Communications M1054 720p Network Camera (0338-004)

The price is $348.99

Some people used this ip camear and write the review:

This is an expensive camera. You can find others that are half the cost and have similar specs.

But this camera is worth it. It’s far better than cheaper units. You get a high resolution stream, with a mild fisheye lens which lets one camera, placed in a corner, monitor an entire room with no hidden spots. In other words, this camera has 90 degrees of coverage, and enough resolution to have clear identifications within that 90 degree radius.

It’s also small and nice looking. I’m happy with it. I will update this review if anything changes as we get more experience with it.

I like that it has power over Ethernet. This means we run one Ethernet cable to it and we’re done. Greatly simplifies wiring, and has the benefit that if your POE switch is on UPS, then your camera is also on UPS.

It’s made in South Korea.


My family owns and operates two Mexican restaurants and I’ve been tasked with setting up and installing the security cameras for both locations. Early on, I chose Axis cameras for the consistently good reviews they received. And over the years, they rarely disappoint.

The M1054 is their HD/720p capable line of small surveillance cameras. I believe this will be our fifth one. Video quality is tough to beat and the frame rate, with a fast enough computer, is anywhere from 20 to 30 fps (frames per second) easy. There is no manual focus ring (mostly a blessing than a curse). The camera is very easy to set up and works great in conjunction with SecuritySpy from BenSoftware for the Mac. The night/low light visibility from this camera is better than any of the other/older Axis cameras in the same range (Axis 206 or 207s for instance).

The Power over Ethernet feature, when coupled with an appropriate PoE router, is a life saver. It means one ethernet cable provides both data and power. Incredible useful for difficult locations without close power sources.

All in all, highly recommended for those in need of light surveillance, including restaurants or other retail.

Live view Axis 210 network camera review

Superior video quality for professional indoor applicationThe AXIS 210 Network Camera offers a cost-effective, IP-based solution for professional indoor security surveillance and remote monitoring. It delivers superior image quality using progressive scan and provides built-in motion detection and support for advanced event management.The AXIS 210 can deliver simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams, allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth. The MPEG-4 compression mode is ideal for applications where available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required.

The AXIS 210 connects directly to an IP network. With a built-in Web server, the AXIS 210 enables remote monitoring over a local area network or the Internet using a standard Web browser. Backed by the industry’s largest base of application software for video and alarm management, the AXIS 210 is an ideal choice for securing offices, shops and other facilities.



  • Superior image quality using progressive scan CCD sensor and advanced video processing
  • Up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions ranging up to 640×480 at different compression levels
  • Supports simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 streams for optimization of image quality and bandwidth
  • Built-in Web server
  • Built-in video motion detection with pre- and post-alarm buffers
  • Scheduled and triggered event functionality with alarm notification via e-mail, TCP, HTTP, and upload of images via e-mail, FTP and HTTP
  • Capability to insert privacy masking, custom logo or overlay image in the video stream
  • Up to 20 viewers can directly access the camera simultaneously; virtually unlimited viewers if streamed through an application server
  • Security: multi-user level password protection for restricted camera access, plus IP address filtering
  • Easy installation using AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service or the Windows-based AXIS IP Utility software

Product Description

Feature-rich network camera with CCD sensor for superior image quality. Up to VGA 640×480 resolution at full 30 fps frame rate and support for Video Motion Detection, I/O and advanced event handling. Includes fixed iris lens for indoor use, adjustable sta
View a Video about AXIS 210

You can buy this IP camera from Amazon.

Buy 1 for $497.00  

Buy 10 for $4,299.00

See many review about this product:
Excellent Cam, great built-in capabilities, easy to setup

By Kevin K on September 19, 2008

Verified Purchase

I have used one of these for over one year without a hitch. I use it primarily to monitor my lake cottage when I am traveling on the road. The motion detection software built in is excellent – very configurable to eliminate ‘false positives’, and much better than a PC based full-blown security system I use for home security. I spent over 1K for the PC system and professional grade cameras, etc and the Axis works better, was eaiser to configure, and the picture quality is better.
I have it set up to automatically send me a daily snapshot via e-mail to know things are ok. Also, I have logged in – literally from around the world – via a web browser to see the live feed. You can also configure the camera via the web browser.The Axis always works and picture quality is great. A well developed and mature product.


4.0 out of 5 stars Axis 210 in Enterprise Survelliance Use, February 26, 2005
By D. Schippers (MI, USA)
This review is from: Axis 0197004 210 Camera (Electronics)
All in all, the is a pretty good IP Camera. The images are clear and crisp enough to be usuable for identification purposes.I have personally setup four of the these cameras to monitor a datacenter and office location. Physical setup is relatively easy. If you expect to use the more robust features of email notification, and saving images to a FTP server, you should obviously be pretty technically sound.In six months of use, they have been very reliable, and stable. Very rarely, they tend to lock up. A simple restart (from a remote computer) is a quick and easy process to set it straight again.

I am actually considering setting some up around my home for survelliance. There are cheaper cameras, but I really like the option to store pictures based off of motion detection to a separate location, or email them to me as they que off. Very slick.

10 Reasons to Consider Your Home Security Solution

Home security system solution is Associate in Nursing progressively vital issue for several folks. New threats against your home appear to emerge a day. the most recent tricks from innovative thieves and burglars embody look your social media postings to work out once you head to work or leave for vacation. There square measure several reasons to put in a security system in your direct the face of this growing menace. Here square measure ten of the foremost motivating.

10 Reasons for Security reception

1. Interviews with captured burglars have unconcealed a stunning insight into their science. It seems that simply the sight of Associate in Nursing alarm can flip nearly eightieth of those criminals away. they like less risk in their targets. they are doing not even trouble to check the security system in most cases. the most cost effective system that you just get can be far more effective than you’re thinking that as long as criminals will see it.
2. you’ll additionally incorporate several alarm systems with fireplace alarm systems. This creates another security as a result of your alarm won’t solely wake you up, it’ll additionally send a message to fireside authorities instantly.
3. With a home security system in situ, you are doing not ought to worry concerning vocation the police once Associate in Nursing entrant is detected. you’ll target your immediate safety which of your preferred ones whereas the pc demand the police.
4. a light-weight sleeper will hear a window break or a door suddenly open, however solely a security system with motion detectors will spot somebody lurking outside your home whereas you sleep. Lights that mechanically activate once the criminal approach will deter them from even wondering your house as a target.
5. you’ll sleep easier knowing that you just square measure protected by your system. very little is worse than making an attempt to sleep whereas you’re disturbed concerning your own safety which of your family. With a top quality home security set-up in situ, you’ll sleep sort of a rock knowing that there’s nothing to stress concerning.
6. you may assume that you just square measure ready enough for any felon and don’t have any reason for a security system. However, having a gun won’t stop Associate in Nursing entrant from terrorizing young children throughout such an incident. If you have got tiny children within the house, get the protection system to forestall them from ever experiencing any quite shut encounter.
7. The lights that illuminate the environment of your house in response to intruders will brighten up the total neighborhood. simply having one house with a top quality system in situ can create the complete neighborhood additional peaceful.
8. you will be ready to get discounts in home insurance if you have got a security system.
9. several systems go with remote controls. you’ll activate and deactivate the protection protocols while not even visiting your house. this permits you to stay your house safe once you square measure away however you’ll additionally let friends and family in while not creating a visit back home.
10. Some security corporations can embody a guarantee against thievery. If somebody will manage to urge past your system, they’ll procure no matter has been lost.

Wireless Home Security System for Store

The demand of safekeeping devices is increasing extensively and because of this reason, markets are flooded with different types of safety devices. There are different types of security system solutions, which can be installed for security reasons; however, is the most popular one. This device is preferred over its wired counterparts because it is easy to install, use, and maintain.

Wireless Home Security System are easily available in markets. Moreover, the product can also be purchased from online stores the delivery of which is promised to doorstep of users. A customer gets diverse benefits when he or she chooses to shop a product from online stores. The best news about online shopping is that the product is just a click away from customer. Besides this, customers get diverse range to choose any desired product. Another good thing about internet shopping is that one can check instantly the price of similar gadget available with other brands and choose the one that suits best to his or her specifications.

After the product is purchased, it is now time for homeowners to install device at homes. For installation purposes, contact can be made to professionals or it can also be done with the technique known as installation. Known as do it yourself, the technique speaks all about itself. As the name suggests, this is a way of installing a device without taking professional help for this concern. Do it yourself defines best the abilities of today’s high-tech customer who is very much informed about the developments happening in technical field in context with security systems. In addition to it, there is internet, user manuals, and CDs that help any prospective buyer to get information on installation techniques. One can read user manual or browse internet to get detailed information on any of the Wireless Home Security System available in the market.

Users of this age are much blessed as they have assorted options of making their premises much secured from intruders. Besides just installing a security gadget, , can also be installed at premises to heighten the layer of security provided to any particular property. Automation is the technique of providing a central access to electronic gadgets stored there at any property. For instance, after the automation is being done to any house, all electronic devices there at the property can be managed with a single remote control. Hence, it becomes easy to manage these systems without difficulty.

How an IP camera system works

In this IP camera tutorial we explain the difference between low and high resolution video surveillance systems. We also explain the differences between centralized vs. decentralized  IP camera systems. This is a useful guide for both business and home owners who are currently in the market for a security camera system.

We look at the key differences between analogue and digital security camera systems. As a bonus, we also delve into the important differences between centralized and decentralized surveillance systems.

It’s important to note that while ‘decentralized’ IP cameras can be more expensive to buy upfront than ‘centralized’ IP cameras, however the overall system and installation costs, including cabling, storage, software etc, is usually very competitive.

Now I think you know how an IP camera system works.

How home security system solution installation can benefit homeowners

This article will discuss how home security system solution installation can benefit homeowners.
What do you know about home security system solution ? Hearing the “smart home technology” phrase can easily send you running because you think you are required to spend a lot of money to have this. The truth is, you don’t really need to posses a big house and have plenty of money to get home security system solution .
Do you know that in the United States, only 20% of all homes have installed a home security system? If there are people who were interested in automating their home, it’s because they think it’s bothersome. Nowadays, people know how to appreciate their need for the best home security system because they can operate their homes and control alarms through remote access using smartphones. It is also easy to keep watch of the house while being away since there are also security cameras that can provide a live feed via the owner’s smartphone.
It only needs intelligent programming with remote tools. A security company and a company can make sure that monitoring systems are functioning inside and outside the house.
With the availability of apps, it is easy to control things inside the home even when away, such as on vacation. There are times that we forget to turn off the air conditioning or the heater, and sometimes, we even fail to lock the gate. This is a common scenario that happens to people once in a while. Do you have control lights? There’s an option in iPhones, tablets and smartphones that lets you turn light on and off inside your home through remote means. Thus even when going out of town for several days, the house would look like it’s still being taken care of.
When there’s a that was installed, you don’t have to turn around and make your way back to the house and lock it well. Should you notice through your smartphone that there’s suspicious activity in your yard by unknown people, you can call the police to check on your property. Installing motion sensors and video trackers can make your home safe even at unusual hours.

A Home Security System Can Lower Your Insurance Bill

Among the many reasons to install a home security system, such as peace of mind against theft, invasion, and personal harm, there’s one that might not have occurred to you: An alarm system can save you money over the years by keeping your homeowner’s insurance lower.
This may not be a primary reason to install a security system but can be used to calculate the affordability of a solid security system. Add in a fire alarm system that alerts the local fire department and the discount rises.
Homeowner’s insurance covers damage from theft of contents in the home, fire and storm damage (but rarely floods) and injury incurred in the home. It’s a solid investment to help your financial and emotional security after a devastating loss that you obviously hope never occurs. As it turns out, the insurance companies hope the same.
Hence, the generous discounts for home insurance for households that have alarm systems in place. A home security system can reduce an insurance bill by as much as 15%. And if you’ve managed to avoid filing a homeowner’s claim a certain number of years, you can ask for even more discounts and receive as much as an additional 20% premium reduction.
Burglars Move On If They See Alarms
A 2013 study of 422 prisoners locked up for burglary found that most looked for alarms and security equipment such as cameras when they cased a residence. The study, conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, found some interesting points:
• 83% looked for evidence of security, including cameras, dogs, and signs for the alarm system • 60% skipped over homes with apparent security • Half who discover an alarm system during a break in abandon the house and more than a third said they “might” retreat • Female burglars were more likely to pass over a home with security • Half said they primarily burgled homes and 31% preferred to target businesses.
Security Alarms and Other Precautions Protect Your Home and Premiums
While the UNC study certainly shows the benefit of an alarm system as a deterrent measure against burglars, there are still those who will attempt to break into a home no matter what the level of security available.
Insurance companies like to see efforts to prevent break-ins so will even discount items like deadbolt locks on doors and windows. The point is to prevent a burglary, something you and the insurance companies want.
Here are some more low-cost, low-tech approaches homeowners and renters should take to lower the chance for a break-in:
• Make your place look occupied. Use a timer to turn on a couple of lights at dusk. • When you’re away, have the mail and newspaper delivery halted. • You might think that tall shrubs protect you from prying eyes, but in fact burglars use them to hide. Keep them trimmed and protect your privacy with shades and blinds. • Keep windows, doors and garage doors closed and locked even when at home.

Small Business Video Security Solution Guide

Buying a brand new business security system solution could be a important step for your self and for up your business because it can permit you to stay track of each factor that happens throughout the operating hours and also the off operating hours. after all it combats thefts and breaks through done by criminals. And to create use of those options you wish to decide on the foremost appropriate system and security accessories that aid you in accomplishing the target of securing your perimeter.


You must 1st created your security cameras to hide each facet of the place and lookout that there’s no over covering between the camera fields to cut back the price and to avoid confusion. however the camera alone isn’t the problem however it’s conjointly the protection accessories that accompany it. one in every of the protection accessories that square measure important is that the recording device; try and opt for an honest quality digital video methodology that matches the standard of the camera so as to create use of each penny that you just pay. The digital recording is best than the analogue one as a result of it have several options that enables the user to perform extra tasks on the recording itself.


Beside the security system solution, there square measure several security accessories that you just should have so as to complete your system. What you wish to consider next is your security monitors. the protection monitors square measure thought of from the protection accessories however you’ll not discard it as a result of merely you’ll not monitor while not a monitor. The monitor quality is set in step with the standard and kind of the camera. therefore after you square measure shopping for the protection camera don’t bite what you’ll not chew, in different words don’t obtain an upscale security cameras if you’ll not get security accessories of an identical quality otherwise, you may lose any advanced feature in your camera.
The wiring kind is as vital as your entire system as a result of it’s the protection accent that mixes and connects all the opposite security accessories and parts of the system. There square measure several typesof the wiring and typically folks tend to shop for the most cost effective type thinking that the wiring is that the purpose wherever they’ll get some savings at however they’re wrong as a result of wiring is what takes the image from the camera to recording device and from the recording device to the monitor. Any defect within the wiring includes a direct impact on the image and recording quality .
As a conclusion of what we tend to aforementioned, you want to 1st set up for your security system before you begin to shop for any security accessories for it. once you set your wants and goals then obtain all the protection accessories from on-line store to urge a less expensive value and a stronger cut price. lookout of the ability provide required for the system and for the protection accessories. Your watching system is one in every of your defense lines therefore try and place an affordable allow this type of systems.
Major distributor of Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, DVR, security cable, power provides and connectors still as complete cctv packages. Free technical support and complete guarantee on all merchandise.

Business Security Systems and Solutions for Your Needs.

You work hard to make your business succeed, it’s your livelihood, so it’s crucial to protect it against internal and external crime, fire and environmental hazards.

Whether your business is small or large, a neighborhood shop or a company with multiple locations, can provide solutions tailored to fit its unique needs. The security solution experts will meet with you, get to know your business, assess your security goals and requirements, and implement a security system that is reliable, cost-effective and convenient.

With bissiness security system solution, you can depend on quality equipment from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, expert installation, highly responsive customer service, and award-winning monitoring service. And should your business grow, or you need to address new threats or opportunities, our intelligent security means that your business is always protected.